For over 10 years, we have collaborated with the best talent in the country. No job is too big or too small for us.

We pride ourselves in working with you, not for you. In the end, its your production and together we can bring it to life.

Sports Events

Boom Bap Productions has covered sporting events ranging from network broadcast championship games for NCAA/ESPN to covering extreme sports such as wakeboarding with aerial video.

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The team at Boom Bap Productions works hard to capture every great moment of your event. On stage, behind the scenes and in the crowd, you’ll find us there to bring the viewer into the heart of the action.


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Live Broadcasts


From covering major hurricanes for NBC National News to major sporting events such as the Daytona 500 or the NCAA Women’s Final Four for ESPN, Boom Bap has been there. Things happen fast in our business and we’ve learned to adapt and respond to get you your footage quickly and accurately.

Real Estate

Boom Bap works with some of the top realtors in the area to help properly market their listings.

Using aerial video and steadycams, we treat your marketing campaign like a full on movie production, while simultaneously making the process quick and easy for the home owner.

Let us help you sell your home.

Live Concerts & Performances

Where art collides with art, the team at Boom Bap can take the viewer front row and on stage capturing each detail of the performance. We love to bring all the fun and excitement to the screen and let you feel each moment just as the artist intended.

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Bringing high quality video and audio to convention floors and meeting rooms all over the country. We work tirelessly to get the video coverage needed to promote your company.

Drone Aerial Footage

We take to the skies to capture beautiful high definition video from all perspectives. Aerial video is an amazing tool to truly capture the scope of major events, landscapes, or just to transport the viewer into places traditional cameras cannot.

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From graduations to weddings and everything in between, we love to collaborate with you and document some of the personal moments in your life. Let us help you to preserve and cherish those moments forever.

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